Verykool s732 screen size

What is the screen size of Verykool s732 ?

The Verykool s732 has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixel with a screen size of 3.5 inches (approximately 8.89 cm). The TFT capacitive touchscreen is the technology used for this Verykool display. This mobile phone has a multitouch screen technology. The screen of the Verykool s732 is one of the most vulnerable part of this mobile phone and is generally the most expensive item to replace if damaged.

About TFT LCD displays

TFT acronym stands for Thin Film Transistor and this technology is the most common type of display screen used across all mobile phones. This technology offer better image quality and higher resolutions if you compare it to previous generations of TFT displays. However, TFT weaknesses are about narrow viewing angles and a poor visibility in sunlight or direct light.


Size 3.5 inches
Technology TFT capacitive touchscreen
Resolution 320 x 480
Multitouch Yes