Android File Recovery

How to recover data from Android phone?

There is some software that can be used to recover lost files due to accidental deletion or after accidental format of SD card. Android phone data recovery is generally easy to achieve with the use of recovery tools.

These tools are incredible for recovering and retrieving data from any hard drive, smartphones or memory cards. This software will restore the files back to Android phones and tablets of any brand with simple steps. With this tool you will never lose your Android data again. This tool is also able to recover Android files from corrupted SD cards.

What are the features of such software?

  • Recover Android videos, music files and documents
  • Recover deleted photos from Android
  • Retrieves deleted or lost Android application package files (APK) from Android devices
  • Scan supported memory cards like SD cards from your Android device
  • Recover Android files from corrupted SD cards
  • And lot more...

What causes data loss from Android devices?

  • Accidental SD card formatting
  • Accidental files deletion from Android devices
  • Memory card corruption
  • Virus or malware
  • Abrupt device switched off can cause failure
  • Improper removal of SD card can cause file system failure
  • Interrupted file transfer operation

How does the recovery software works?

Android phone recovery will help you recover data which were lost due to accidental deletion, corruption of the operating system during updates or new ROM flashing, broken screen and a lot more..

What devices are supported?

It is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP operating systems.